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My name is Tameka McKneely aka GLUE let me help you reach your full potential
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This is My Story

Hello! Welcome to my web site- I’m so happy you are here. If you have come to my website you either have a problem that needs fixing (personal or professional) or a project that needs crafting.

My name is Tameka aka GLUE (I hold and bring things/people together or so I have been told) and I am just a gurl from Mississippi that now resides in the Dallas Ft. Worth, TX metroplex with my husband and daughter. I am a Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, whose gifts & talents included but are not limited to a Business Compliance Consultant, Professional and Personal Accountability Consultant, Creative Designer, Inspiring Motivator, Purpose Cultivator, Real Estate Investor and Innovator.

I have spent the majority of my life ‘growing’ through life rather than just ‘going’ through life. Because of that I have learned to master lessons taught by the school of life. I am a believer that if we do not learn the lessons life presents, we are bound to repeat those lessons until mastery. I also believe ‘if it does not challenge you, it won’t change you’.

I love quotes and music and have lived my life by both. I have been known to motivate others using both.

Personally, I am a creative soul that loves all things creative. I started crafting in 2001 and have perfected my craft since then. I can do everything from making:

Bath Products/Self-Care Products (Salts, Scrubs, Steamers, etc.)

Jewelry (Beaded Jewelry, Metal Stamping, etc.)

Glass Etching

Furniture Refurbish/Painting

Home décor (Door/Table wreaths, Holiday Décor)

Sewing (pillows, curtains, blankets, etc.)

Professionally, I push people into their purpose. By push I mean I help change people’s mindset. I help them see their potential and options they have to live in their purpose and possibly make additional income.

Most recently I pursued a career in the Regulatory Compliance area of expertise. After being laid off twice within two and a half years from most recently a 6-figure job. I decided I did not like that someone else could have my fate in their hands. At that point I decided to determine my own legacy and from there 4zero Consulting, LLC was born.

I am a seasoned Corporate Compliance Professional with over 20 years of training experience and 19 years of experience in the Health Insurance field, to include Commercial Health Plans as well as Government Programs with expertise in Medicaid, Long-Term Care, and CHIP; as well as Federal and State regulations.

Being that I am multi-passionate, I expanded into small business compliance. I have had the opportunity to build several businesses for myself and others. I help entrepreneurs set-up, start and sustain foundationally sound and compliant businesses protecting them from penalities, fines and damaged reputations. 

I have worn many hats in my life to include mother, daughter, sister, aunt, confidential counsel, manager, mentor, trainer, business communications person, editor & researcher just to name a few. As a result, I have the unique ability to navigate complex challenges and manage multidisciplinary projects.

All of my actual experience, personal and professional, has taught me that my “value” boils down to the following:

– I am a purpose driven, subject matter expert, that is fluent in analytical skills, training, communication, employee/personal development, team building, difficult clients and people in general.

Understanding means fewer missteps, and missteps cost a fortune.

-I don’t care who gets credit. I just want to win. When a company is compliant, or people understand their purpose everyone and most importantly clients win.

-I run toward fires

-If my left and right brain were hands, I’d be ambidextrous.

– I want someone to look back on their life and say, “because of you, I did not give up”.

– Ultimately, I aspire to inspire.