Compliance is Confidence

Aug 2, 20222 comments

Is being compliant confidence?

Well, what if I told you Confidence is the goal and Compliance is just a superficial part of it?

I know, I know. I sound crazy right?

I talk about Compliance, day in and day out. And now, I am saying it is not the most important thing?

Actually, I am not saying it is not important, but is it the most important? hmmm

Let me tell you where I am coming from.

I spoke at Black Nurse Entrepreneurs Takeover Conference this past weekend and it was amazing. My workshop was titled ‘Compliance is Confidence’.

As I spoke and went through an interactive compliance program risk assessment with some powerful and amazing Nurse bosses, I watched the confidence in their businesses slowly drain from their eyes as I went through question after question after question until the workshop was complete.

Now this was not my intention, I was hoping to have a pretty even mixture of the levels of confidence in their business’ compliance effectiveness.

My workshop just happened to be before lunch, and during lunch, I was approached with comments like, “so it seems that I am headed to jail”, “good thing I look good in orange”, I even heard “I don’t even have a business and I’m scared”. These comments continued the entire weekend. “Tameka snatched all my edges”, “I’m just going to quit my business”, “I just need to throw my business away and start over”.

Again, I promise it was not my intention to discourage anyone regarding their business, but I did intend to instill a tab bit of fear to bring home the fact that Business Compliance is a serious topic and can cost you big if not taken seriously.

But just as I told them, no need to fear, I AM HERE!

Here’s the thing we just do not know what we don’t know. I chose to do the assessment in an interactive way so they could see there was no reason or need to feel discouraged about where your business is and where it should be. We all could use help in the area of business compliance.

As I said NO NEED TO FEAR, I AM HERE! In my superhero voice…

Want your confidence back?

When I say Compliance confidence is more about the confidence than the compliance, I mean that if you have done what you should to manage the risk in your business, your confidence level soars. Compliance is just rules, guidelines, control. If we only strive for Compliance, we become robots just seeking to meet the guidelines set forth. Confidence allows you to go beyond the guidelines to be the best you can be.

The questions in my assessment were not geared towards if your compliance was 100% effective it was about taking the proper steps in your business to stay compliant. NO one can be and remain 100% compliant but the confidence comes from the process. Trusting the process.

Even if a compliance program is not entirely successful, a partially successful compliance program may help a company reduces culpability and qualify for leniency.

But in your process, you MUST have the 7 Elements of an Effective Compliance Program. As I have heard in the past 99 and a half won’t do. It is not a matter of I did that part, I have some of it. When (yes, I said when, not if) you are found noncompliant, the fate of your business will bank on having those 7 elements.

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