Look Like A Business

90-Day VIP Coaching Program

In Order To Be Treated Like A Business, you MUST LOOK LIKE A BUSINESS…

Have you heard of the EASY HARD and the HARD EASY Principle?

EASY on the front end is HARD on the back end

HARD on the front end is EASY on the back end

My name is Tameka McKneely, I am a Multipassionate Entrepreneur. My main lane is I am a Compliance Professional. I help women/minority owned businesses become eligible to compete in the funding, corporate and/or government workspaces. I do that by ensuring they have foundationally sound and compliant small businesses set up. This includes much more than just having and LLC and an EIN. I firmly believe if you want to be treated like a business you have to LOOK LIKE A BUSINESS.

Just out of Curiosity…

Why do you lock the doors when you leave your car?

Why do you have a security system on your home?

Why do you create strong passwords for your online accounts?

The answer is simple you want to be proactive in protecting the things you find value in.

Doing these things give us the feeling of being safe or protected.

So let me ask you…

Do you find value in being an entrepreneur?

Do you find value in your business?

If so, why have you not taken the steps to ensure it is protected just as you have with your home, your car, your online accounts?

How would you feel if you I told you by being proactive in your business you can drastically reduce your stress level?

Feeling safe has a way of doing that.

Ensuring your business is set up properly can provide a peace of mind for you and create trust with your customers


Did you know…

Having a effective compliance program can reduce your responsibility/blame if you are ever found non-compliant

The cost of non-compliance is around 3 times the cost of being compliant. 

It can cost…

Business disruption– Any business activities that may be affected by the compliance violation can suffer or be halted

Productivity losses– impacted when compliance violations are levied against your business

Revenue loss– Fines and penalties are paid from revenue and profits

Fines, Penalties and Settlement Costs– this is self explanatory

And most of all…

Reputation damage/destruction– negative media coverage or a non compliance infraction will damage customers confidence and trust. 

Who is this for…

Business Owners, no matter what stage of business you are in, seasoned, new or potential. 

This program is for any business owner that wants to ensure they have a foundationally sound and compliant business set up.

This program is for any business owner that understands the government is the world’s largest consumer and every small business should have the opportunity to work with them.

This program is for anyone that can grasp the Easy/Hard principle.

For any business owner that is willing to do the hard work on the front end to coast (easy) on the back end.

Even if you never plan to do business with the government having a compliant business is a necessity.

Compliance is not the sexy part of business, but it is necessary. The cost of non-compliance can cost you a lot more in the long run, including your business.

When it comes to business:

Size DOES NOT matter

Ignorance is NOT bliss and

What you don’t know CAN hurt you

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. 

If you are a new/potential business owner and you want to set your business up compliantly (the right way) the first time, this program is for you. If you want to make sure your existing business is set up compliantly (the right way), this program is for you. If you have ever wondered how, you can improve or scale your business, this program is for you. 


If you think Compliance is expensive,

try Non-Compliance