Front, Back, Side to Side Bundle


“On a scale of 1 to stepping on a lego, how much pain are you in?”

30 in stock

100% steam distilled or cold press essential oil.

Choose Front facing fabric the back with be coordinating solid fleece fabric

I used to hear when you reach a certain age things on your body just start to fall apart. I was not a believer until I woke up of a certain age and did not know why I felt like I had literally fell out of the bed or been in a brawl the night before. This my life now, so this bundle is for me and all those that know what I mean.

Shoulder, Hip, Lower/Upper Back, Stomach Hot.Cold Pad (16″ L X 9″ W)
8oz Bath Salt
2oz Refresher/Linen Spray
Fabric color varies

Rice Filled Hot/Cold Pad
Want to get the soothing effect of a heating pad without the risk of fire?
Sounds like you need a Rice-filled hot/cold pad. Each pad is custom made to order.

Each pad holds heat/cold for minimum 25-30 minutes.

Each hot/cold pad comes with one side cotton fabric and one side fleece/flannel fabric. Cotton Patterns are random. Fleece/Flannel colors are solid and coordinate with pattern side.

Pads are made for temporary relief

Use as Hot Therapy to relieve stiff/sore muscles or tension/stress, arthritis, migraines, dry eyes, eye issues, menstrual/muscle cramps, warming cold bed, hands or feet, flu aches/pains, fibromyalgia, etc.

Use as Cold Therapy to relieve stiff/sore muscles, bug bites, headaches, eye puffiness, fever reducer, or anything you would soothe with ice pack without the possible messy aftermath.

Bath Salt
Sprinkle these bath salts into a warm bath and melt away the stress and tension while soothing sore/tight muscles.
Bath salts come in tranquil scents and I must warn you do not fall asleep in the bathtub as these salts will relax your senses.
Bath Salts are made with Epsom and Sea Salt (Himalayan, Dead Sea and/or Celtic) and 100% steam distilled or cold press essential oil.

Refresher/Linen Spray
This soothing spray can be sprayed on rice filled hot/cold pad to refresh the scent over time or sprayed directly on pillow or linen. Use this after a warm bath with bath salts and you are in for a relaxing night of sleep and tranquility. This will be the best sleep you never knew you always needed.


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